Menage Intact cleans, cleans, cares for you, allowing you to maximize your own time and energy. Leave the care of your home and office to our qualified and supervised housekeeping staff. Our equipment, optimized for professional, thorough and fast cleaning, is the most efficient in the janitorial cleaning industry.

Overview of our cleaning services:

  • Washing windows and blinds
  • Cleaning ovens and refrigerators
  • Washing walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Cleaning of carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture
  • Janitorial service
  • Indoor parking cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning brick or concrete walls
  • Wooden patios cleaning
  • Fences maintenance
  • Parking lot cleaning

And more ...
Our services include steam cleaning, pressure cleaning or even cleaning by hand, depending on the situation. We also offer renovation cleaning and disaster cleanup. To be noted, Menage Intact is covered by liability insurance.
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Our expertise in the field is unequivocal. That's why our production increases at an exponential and excessive flow.


Through structured and ongoing training programs, our highly qualified teams ensure that we remain the best in housekeeping. Our staff is honest, efficient and discreet. Our experts regularly participate in training programs.

Research & Development

We are constantly improving our working methods and technologies to offer you a higher level of quality. Our equipment is modern and efficient.

Quality Control

Our specialists regularly check the planning, execution and verification of several large areas or workspaces. The qualification and supervision of our staff ensures maximum performance and complete customer satisfaction.

Respect for the environment

Clean housekeeping is recognized for its uses of green products that will allow you to live in a clean and pure environment. The health of our customers and our employees is our priority. Respect for the environment and the preservation of the planet are important to us. Our ecological cleaning products will not damage the surfaces. Our products, processes and equipment are non-toxic and will help protect you.


  • Residential
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Public
  • Governmental
  • Industrial
  • Events
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hotels
  • Medical
  • Schools
  • Sports
  • Movie Theaters


Nothing is left to chance when you put the maintenance of your house in our hands. Every nook and cranny of every room is cleaned by our housekeeping staff.

We clean everything. Your furniture, door and window frames; your blinds, your lamps, the lighting system, your skirting boards, your frames, moldings and trinkets. Have we listed everything here? No, because a cleaning session adapts to each situation.

The essentials: vacuuming, including sofas, cushions and armchairs; clean fingerprints; dust or clean the vents and electrical outlets; wash the floors; etc.

Our know-how will exceed your expectations. Each residential cleaning is also carried out in full discretion: don’t be shy with us! The frequency of our returning is usually once a week or, depending on your needs, once every two weeks. The cleaning of your rooms is carried out according to a plan which is precise, in order not to forget anything, but which is also flexible, because each week can bring a lot of misfortunes of the daily life. In short, during a cleaning session, our team may do more than usual to ensure your satisfaction.

Unique Cleaning Expertise

Menage Intact will do more then what you can do yourself. Moreover, we continually strive to change our janitorial techniques, because we do not clean up in an improvised way. When our staff arrives at your home, they are ready to do the house cleaning, all the cleaning if need be.

Our cleaning expertise is therefore very real. We are improving our standard cleaning flow day after day so that the customer is left with the ultimate cleaning service not only in terms of cleanliness but efficiency. Our selection of the most efficient and ecological products possible, enhanced by our expertise and our concern for a job well done, makes Menage Intact the ultimate cleaning agency, both in the short and long term.


A house sparkling clean, interested? We have no doubt. Menage Intact offers cleaning services to make your job easier! Do not worry about your weekly housekeeping, the effort and the time it takes for you. Our cleaning services consider all of your expectations and needs. We evaluate these needs, and offer a personalized service aimed at your complete satisfaction. We also answer any questions or concerns you may have in the contemplation of offering yourself a professional cleaning service. Let us clean, dust and scrub; enjoy your time, you deserve it!
Menage Intact is passionate about good maintenance. When we leave the premises of your home, it's clean everywhere. Our staff is trained right from the first day of work, and your feedback on them is most useful for constantly improving the quality of our services.

Our cleaning tools are efficient; our experience, learned! We have seen all sorts of situations, from normal cleaning to the most difficult. No worries, we are flexible, and no task scares us, challenges are our daily bread. Our cleaning services, for residential or commercial cleaning, are really focused on your needs. Our cleaning ladies are meticulous and tackle the task without fear.

Menage Intact meets your toughest requirements for cleaning your home or premises. Whether for annual cleaning or regular cleaning, or simply for cleaning a single day without a contract, our services are flexible; contact us without hesitation.

Our service is impeccable, courteous, fast. Unload your schedule, save your energies: entrust your cleaning to Menage Intact, you will never regret it!


Menage Intact is one of the most successful janitorial cleaning services companies in the region. We use our services for residential cleaning, but also for commercial cleaning. Managing the cleaning of your building is so simple when Menage Intact takes care of it! We adapt our services for all your needs as a company. We offer a multitude of cleaning services, including cleaning floors, carpets, windows, interior and exterior cleaning.

Our customers trust us year after year, from our very beginnings. Janitorial Cleaning is our business, regardless of the industry of your business. Menage Intact intervenes effectively to ensure the cleanliness of the premises; and do not forget that for a business like yours, "cleanliness" is sometimes synonymous with "security".

We have experience in the production, restaurants, services, manufacturing, schools, hospitals, real estate, offices, hotels and even scientific laboratories. Menage Intact cleans according to your needs.


Dust circulates as much in the corridors of your business as you and your staff. For a company, it is usually suggested to wash floors on a daily basis. Menage Intact offers commercial cleaning services for all types of surfaces, be it your corridors, your meeting rooms, your offices, all the way to your parking lots, which, for their part, require less frequent cleaning.

We also offer carpet cleaning with steam. Dust and bacteria get stuck in your carpets, affecting the air quality of your offices and corridors. Bacteria, odors, and mites will be dislodged from the fibers of your carpets through steam cleaning. Menage Intact is equipped to offer a high quality cleaning of your carpets.


Menage Intact serves an increasing number of homes throughout Montreal, Longueuil, Laval and surrounding areas. We are always looking for janitorial staff, trusted people with meticulous attention to detail and who likes a job well done, courteous to the clientele, and with a personal hygiene that suits our company’s image. Intact. Our customers must be happy to see you arrive and be satisfied with the work when you leave.