Bio Cleaning

Take a look under the sink in your bathroom or in your laundry room. Like any good housekeeper you aspire to be, you will probably find, crammed in there, a lot of products to clean, scrub, the spray to rub, the cream to shine, not to mention the reknown brand bottle to clean your cleaning. And who knows, maybe you even have the famous cleaning product that works in weightlessness in outer space!

Well, you probably have too much, way too much. What's more, most of these products are chemical, harmful to the environment. Your air is sometimes stale for an hour or two after generously sprinkling your furniture. Your tissues soaked in cleaning products are "recycled" or discarded. We still use paper towels? Admit it! You need them and you need some more again and again, do you not? Opt instead for linens that you can wash and reuse for many years.

True enough, we do not always want to do without products specially designed for cleaning. The idea is simply to make an effort. Your home will be no less clean.

A tip: check out our cleaning blog from time to time to learn concrete tips & tricks to replace your chemicals with more natural and environment friendly products ...