Keep the Air Clean in your Home

Keep your home smell fresh with a few very simple tricks ...


It might seem so obvious, but this, of all tips you could get on the subject, is the most important one. Open windows and air it out. In winter times, if windows can be opened, it might not be for very long, but even in such a circumstance it will greatly increase the air quality of your home. Cooking smells, for example, start to add up, sometimes even sticking to your furniture’s fabric. If someone smokes in the house, well, do your best; but again, opening windows whenever possible is the trick to refresh the air in your home, because smoke fumes also tends to stick to walls and furniture over time. Opening windows is so simple, but so efficient!


Keep the shoes in a 'designated area' - mostly men’s shoes!
Some households even prefer to keep them outside if possible, or kind of outside. Otherwise choose a designated area, like a shoe rack, to keep them in a tight spot.


This one is very useful for general use - reserved for a future blog entry. So keep coming back once in a while!


Baking soda ... everywhere! This is the secret weapon of our grandparents. Baking soda on carpets, mattresses, in the fridge, etc, helps keep everything smell fresh. Cheap and easy!