Clean Silver Tarnish

Why silver tarnishes?

Back to Black

Silver naturally tarnishes over time, tends to turn back to its natural color, which is actually black on the outside, silver on the inside. By polishing it or grinding it, we uncoverer the inner color. Of course, for jewelry or other items like serving tools, the point is to keep the inner color visible.

So, unfortunately, there is not much you can do that will really fully prevent tarnishing.

Body Acid

Some people have a higher acidity level in their body than others, and when wearing a piece of silver jewelry, the part of the piece that was in contact with their skin will tend to tarnish much more quickly: it starts to go back to black.

In such cases, like a ring, simply polish the inner part of the ring with a polishing cloth to remove the tarnish, or use the trick to remove tarnish from your silvery items all at once and quickly (keep reading).

Quickly remove silver tarnish

Here is the easy and fast way to get back the silver you paid for.

  • Cover the inner part of a bowl, big enough so your items fit inside.
  • Add a tea spoon of baking soda.
  • Pour some boiled water in the bowl.
  • Simply put your tarnished items in the bowl.

You will see your silver items change color in a couple of seconds. 1 minute or so might be enough overall; put back some baking soda or boiled water if needed.
That’s it, everything is shining like new! The chemistry reaction between silver, aluminum, baking soda and hot water is doing the entire work of 'polishing' for you, very quickly, and effortlessly. That’s the way we like it!