Wall Cleaning - fast!

A clue: not by hand. If that seemed obvious to you, all the better, you were already on the right track. Cleaning walls, for many people, seems like a perfect candidate for long-term procrastination. They are so imposing, we feel like it's a task that will make you sweat buckets.
Yet, it's relatively easy ...

What you will need

  • A bucket of hot water
  • A bit of dish soap
  • A little love
  • A sponge mop.

These are the only tools you will really need. Probably you already have all this at home; otherwise, the dollar store will suffice - except for the touch of love.

Soak the sponge of the mop in the soaped water, squeeze well, then get to the technique to wash the wall: Do you remember The Karate Kid? Well ... it's almost that.
To wash your walls, from the left, we pass the sponge from bottom to top, once at the top we return slightly to the right, then we go down, and at the bottom we shift again a little to the right to go up; all without lifting the sponge from the surface. In short, it is simply a matter of drawing long 'u' that curves at the top, and the same at the bottom. So simple, don’t you think?

That's all. Because the trick is not to scourge yourself to scrub the stubborn marks. Leave that to the next step, if necessary.

Stubborn marks

A bit of baking soda on a cloth, and we rub lightly in tiny circles - Mr. Miyagi would be proud of you. Go easy however, because too much pressure could, in some cases, damage the paint.

What's left?


And again, not always. From time to time, it is useful to give them a little cleaning, because they accumulate dust of all kinds and it ends up showing, more or less often according to their color.

Here two techniques can be recommended.
The lazy way (my favorite): When vacuuming, use the furry head at the end of your vacuum stick, and simply pass it along the baseboard.
The gentle way: pass a damp cloth along the baseboards, then pass again with a dry cloth.

That's how to clean walls. And do not worry, if washing your walls becomes a real chore, maybe it's time to repaint!